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look away!

technology, rules and player actions TRANSFORM THE GAME

History of the beauty

The diving increases unnoticed now and the skills of the past stars are not required or allowed. If found they are quickly admonished and removed by managers and owners. Even more so by rules and players diving demonstrating absolutely no need for skill in the is ugly boring game

The Ugly grows on you

The gradual growth of ugliness, economic disparity, cheating, complete lack of comprehension of sportsmanship, referee manipulation, kills the skills, entertainment and pleasure of watching football.
20 minutes feign injury only to get up to take the kick.
30 minutes setting up of a free kick,
20 minutes of VAR replay delay
30 minutes, 5 minutes x 6 to watching a player walk off the park .
5 minutes of entertaining skill in total

the youth cant compare

They cant compare, they never seen or lived it.
They cant know what to look for and they dont that what their watching is ugly and boring comparably to the beautiful game of the past

How can I tell?

Compare and choose

The best way is to compare and learn about the past beauty.

Watch as technology improves the accuracy and removes the humanity and beauty.
You can not have both.

Entertainment with human err and beauty,
Or unhuman ugly boring technological accuracy


Referees wireless strings

No one can see the wires making the refs hands pull out the yellow card


Players diving
Less national representation
No local representation


Change to the simplest and most accurate form:

A visible line that does not change.
Any player receiving the ball must be touching or in front of the line or they are offside.
The ball must be touching or have crossed the line before a player can receive it.
The ball and the line can have electronic sensors that sound or flash a light
Defense, offense , keepers and referees no longer have to imagine a line they can see it. Any VAR can detect if it is questionable whether the player is touching the line.
The problem now is no can actually see or tell whether the line is in “live” or “real time” to adjust or determine if the player is offside .
The VAR have to artificially create them, this is arbitrary and confusing because the time the passing player kicked the ball has to be determined first and the where the receiving player is standing in relationship to where the constantly changing non existent offside line might be. the player is offside has to be determined.
The proof exists in the game of hockey which is significantly faster and significantly smaller object in a puck .
The rules and practice are already written and tested

All of that replaced with a fixed visible line that everyone can see and can be measured if close .

Diving reviews post game?

The players diving skill is so good no referee can spot it. It can be spotted post game with severe penalty including expulsion from the league

Covid -no foreign players?

Covid could be the tool to return beauty, sport and passion to what was the beautiful game

Only the richest win not the best team

The richest tams are the only ones with a chance not the best team
The idea was a fair challenge sporting tournament.
Where is the salary cap?


Where is the new Eusebio, George best or Pele?